Offline campaign: Promotion in creating awareness…

Suggested action plan ~ create more awareness:

-photo & film competition: Aim to ensure that each year we provide a host of new and challenging events.

-family day/gathering: Find out how to get more supporters and volunteers through this kind of events. Get a closer bond with the kids at Club Rainbow

-surveys ~brochures: Give them brochures and do survey about Club Rainbow.

-indoor & outdoor activities/campaign: Set up a booth to create awareness to the public about Club Rainbow.



Final Project; WORKLOAD

Part 1: AISYAH

  • revamp web~
  • create the proposed “screen shot”
  • S.M.S promotion
  • E-newsletter
  • large screen showing
  • how do they promote about Club Rainbow currently
  • Content Management System
  • Search Engine  Optimization

Part 2: NADIAH

  • Facebook ~
  • Twitter ~
  • Youtube ~


  • photo & film competition
  • family day/ gathering
  • survey and free gifts
  • indoors & outdoors campaign


1) Identify 2 of my favourite ACM exhibits of which th econtent is presented in the most creative way to enhance users interction and overall experience:
They are SOUTHEAST ASIA GALLERY 4a and the WEST ASIA/ISLAMIC 5a. This two gallery really caught my attention especially the WEST ASIA/ISLAMIC Gallery. It is because the way they use it for user interactive is by playing a sound which is called the ‘azan’. That resembles the calls for the islam to pray and the overall experience about entering the WEST ASIA/ISLAMIC Gallery is that, we get to learn more about Islamic culture. As for the SOUTHEAST ASIA GALLERY 4a, the way they use it for user interactive is by having a small stage show that is called ‘wayang kulit’. With this, it also the ways of interacting with audience as they told story using the puppets.

"Wayang Kulit"

"Wayang Kulit - 2"

"Wayang Kulit - 3"

[Extra Information about WEST ASIA GALLERY 5.]
When I enter the gallery of West Asia/Islamic Gallery, i was amazed and was attracted to it coz it was the only gallery that focus on islamic whereby it really have a great effect on the shaping of Singapore and the surrounding region. What really caught my attention was the scripts whereby islamic used to write a message as it really focused their skills and creativity.

The Al-Quran

2) 2 New Media Tool/Technologies the museum had used for public communications at various exhibits are Touch Screen Computer and also A Projector. Touch Screen Computer was used because its and easier way for public to actually know more details about areas in the exhibits. They just need to touch the screen and click on any subtitles and knw about it.


The Projector is used because, it is basically trying to show us about whats the background of  the artifacts in the exhibits.

"Touch Screen Computer"

The Touch Screen Computer, as we can see, we can just touch the screen and touch onto any of the buttons for explanation about the artifacts.

"Touch Screen Computer - 2"

3) 1-2 recommendations using new media tools to improve the way the current content is being presented to the public.

Apart from using Touch Screen Computer and Projector, the museum can also prepare us with a portable information kit. Whereby users can press the button to start and at the same time, they are able to listen to the informations and also focus on the artifacts.

Literature Review

New Media Art


In the article that I have read, it is telling about Australia new media art. It is a process where new technologies used by artist to create work that explore new modes of artistic expression. These include computer, information, and communications technology, virtual or immerse environments or sound engineering.  Media is not only ways to communicate but it can also be use to do art. That involves innovative works to new technologies.


3 key findings that I have searched are:

-Making art from science: One area being explored by new media artists is the interaction and collaboration between art and science.

-Music and Performance

-Festivals and Celebrations

Interaction and collaboration between art and science.

Another form of media that we can do is the interaction and collaboration between art and science.

Media is not only ways to communicate but as well as it can be use to discover new media for producing areas such as digital art, computer graphics, virtual and internet art. These can be created with new media technology. New Media Art often involves interaction between artist and observer. New Media Art derives from, Telecommunication, Mass Media, and also Digital Mode.

Music and Performances

Music and performance is another way of new media art, whereby it uses the motion of your body natural lines and energy to create a movement. There are different types of music such as, Pop and Rock, Jazz Music, Bush, Folk and Country music, Classical music. With all the types of music, we can actually promote some of the local bands.

Festivals and Celebration

One of the examples that we can relate to media is Festival and celebration are Digital Confetti. It can use in many forms, like wedding dinner, company celebration. Using digital confetti, spectators can interact with the piece of thrower that show the confetti on the glowing orb. This is another way of communicating with the media, it interacts. As you can see the video down here,




From what I have research, new media trends and theorist has really impacted our society today because, there are many forms of communication in media, not only do we use social networking. New media trends have also bring us to the world of advance technology as we are living in the era of new technology.


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